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NEW PRODUCT: Happycall Korean BBQ Pan

NEW PRODUCT: Happycall Korean BBQ Pan

June 24, 2016


Summer has officially arrived! And that means more time outdoors. Warm nights, hours staring at the stars, cool desserts, barbeques, and refreshing drinks. At the Happycall Kitchen, there’s one thing special that completes summer… the Happycall Korean BBQ Grill Pan. Made famous by Korean cuisine, versatility and ease-of-use make this companion an excellent addition at home.



  • No fat is needed to cook, but may be desired for flavor preference.
  • Oil drain to catch excess fat.
  • Best 5-layer Nonstick Coating.
  • Great for entertaining.
  • Easy cleanup.

What to Cook: Sam Gyeop Sal (pork belly), Bulgogi Beef (teriyaki-marinated beef), Galbi (marinated ribs), Seared Ahi Tuna, Vegetable Medley, Steak (filet mignon, New York, ribeye), Sausages, etc.

 How to Cook:

  1. Before cooking, wash with warm water and soap and dry completely. Lightly coat with vegetable or olive oil and wipe excess oil with paper towel to extend lifetime of nonstick coating.
  2. Place Happycall Korean BBQ Grill Pan over any gas range or portable gas stove. The safety crown underneath pan sits snug over any gas grate so that the pan does not waver while cooking.
  3. Place cup or mug at the end of oil drain to catch excess fat from food while cooking.
  4. Turn on fire source to maximum medium flame until pan is desired temperature. Depending on type of food, temperatures may range.
  5. Place food on the pan and allow to cook until desired well-ness is achieved. Flip if necessary and enjoy when ready.

 How to Maintain:

  1. Allow pan to completely cool and wipe with paper towel.
  2. Hand wash with warm water and soap and completely dry with paper towel. Although dishwasher-safe, hand wash is recommended.
  3. Store in a cool, dry place.

Happycall wishes you a great summer. Happy Cooking!