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You know this is a great cooking pan once you take off the cotter pin that keeps the two sides block together. Once you can completely separate the two it becomes much more user-friendly. I took the cotter pin off and threw it away. Because they still lock together very tightly and won't come apart unless you separate them normally. They don't tell you how to remove the cotter pins you do have to look for it at the back of the pan. Now I use this thing all the time, I love it. And highly recommend it.
-Amazon review of Happycall Multi-Purpose Double Pan
By Kidroxx on January 25, 2018

For everything like Pan fry, deep fry, wok etc .
Non sticking, cook well, not too heavy..
Wonderful pans. Thank you!!

-Amazon review of Happycall Diamond Wok
By Elizabeth Lee on January 13, 2021

This is the only type of nonstick frying pan I use because I do not trust Teflon or other types of surfaces. It allows me to cook in a healthier way with little or no oil or grease. The nonstick surface is so amazing that when I fry eggs I can shake the pan and they slide across the bottom of the pan. Nothing sticks to the surface and it wipes clean with a paper towel. The 5-layer lamination delivers a nice even heat over the surface even when used on an under-sized electric burner. Over a year ago I purchased a wok with the Diamond surface and I love it so much that I bought the 9.4 inch frying pan a few months ago. The surface on both pans are still as they were when they were brand new (I use only wood or silicone utensils with them) and I am so impressed by them that I plan to get a larger version of the frying pan soon. If I had money to invest I would buy stock in this company!

-Amazon review of Happycall Diamond Frying Pan

By Robert Boone on January 11, 2018

Sturdy and well made. Cook food fast without any spillage and less smell. Great product.

-Amazon review of Happycall Titanium Jumbo Grill

by Talha Anees on January 17, 2018

My wife loves to cook using this pan. It is so easy to use and clean. A really must have pan for those who like to cook simple food like searing or frying meats or fish. You can even use this to get grilled looks on your asparagus if you want.
-Amazon review of Happycall Jumbo Grill Double Pan
by Giovanni Ariawan on November 29, 2020
I feel some people have problems with it, because they think it is supposed to be used for its both side for omlete or something like that. However, it is like pressure cooker pan! or something like that. You are supposed just to use one side of it and the lid closes completely to keep the steam. Very happy with it so far (Maybe after about a year). It reduces the cooking time of meats or chicken that I want to cook and you don't need to use oil.
-Amazon review of Happycall Jumbo Grill Double Pan
by alim on January 8, 2018

I I give five stars. It is really easy to make steaks, pork chops and fish steaks. In the past, the oil would be spilled everywhere. Since using this, it is very fast and clean. The delicacy is complete and delicious in one go.

- Amazon review of Happycall Jumbo Grill Double Pan

by Chun Yan Mariani on December 05, 2020